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At Estructuras Guerra providing full service for all the Industrial Construction Needs, we got all the necessary equipment, manpower and skills to successfully complete the job.

These are some of our Services:

  • Structure Fabrication and Mounting
  • Plant Relocation
  • Full industrial General Contractor
  • Piping Installation for Gas, Air and Water
  • Roofing
  • Facility construction, expansion bays
  • Installation, Removal and relocation of plant machinery
  • Concrete Foundations
  • Concrete Demolition
  • Steel welding, piping and structural

Certified and Authorized distributors of:

Next we preview some of the jobs that we have successfullo completed in the past
Parque Industrial Santo Domingo
Nave KM 10, 2400m2 / 26,000sq.ft
Bodega de ELYSA 9200m2 / 99,000sq.ft
Super Gutierrez Piedras Negras 9000m2 / 97,000sq.ft
Super Gutierrez Cd. Acuña 9200m2 / 99,000sq.ft
Hendrickson Spring, 12,100m2 / 130,000sq.ft. Total Construction in four bays
Super Gutierrez Sabinas 8100m2 / 87,000sq.ft
Cineplex Sabinas 1800m2 / 20,000sq.ft
Littel Fuse 7500m2 / 81,000sq.ft
Pressure Piping
Lear 9500m2 / 102,000sq.ft, CLICK ON THE IMAGE FOR LEAR PROJECT PAGE